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Transform your healthcare business into a long-term, high-performing entity with Unify Medicraft

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Improve the bottom line of your revenue cycle with customized services

Physician practices, hospitals, and third-party service providers require new levels of business intelligence to detect and fix immediate business issues, as well as forecast and prevent future revenue stream impacts. Unify Medicraft brings in deep-domain expertise in billing, collecting, resolving, and managing Accounts Receivables to cater to the needs of our clients. Revenue Cycle improvements are a strategic business imperative, with speed and long-term results as their key factors. By leveraging best practices, technology, and education, Unify Medicraft can improve your healthcare facility’s cash flow.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

The ever-changing medical coding landscape. Staffing Shortages. Not enough hours in the day. You are busy, your focus is on dedicated patient care. Your financial health needs attention. Dedicated RCM services from Unify Medicraft are here to help. Our team works with you to solve billing challenges, put the right processes in place, and gain more visibility into your revenue cycle so that you can provide the best possible care for your patients.

From the beginning to the end of your revenue cycle, our medical billing specialists and certified medical coders support you in the pursuit of success. We submit claims on your behalf, work with you to resolve denials and handle other time-consuming tasks.

Unify Medicraft elevates your financial performance by addressing specific problems of your revenue cycle It helps you assess the following medical billing and medical coding metrics: -Total Clinical Collections : How much does your practice generate in total clinical collections? -Net Collection Ratio : What percentage of money do you collect against the amount you are legally owed? -Adjustments/ Write-offs : What are your current insurance adjustments? Are all of your write-offs justified? -Days Sales Outstanding : How long from the date of service does it take you to collect money? -Aged A/R Analysis : What are your current accounts receivable balances?

Care for your patients while medical billing and coding experts at Unify Medicraft will manage your revenue cycle management.

Manage your healthcare business better with a thorough analysis
Billing that Benefits Your Healthcare Business

- Make collections that are scalable and reliable - Remove the headache of running a large, in-house billing team - Reduce costs by paying only on what we collect

A Partner for Every Process

- Generate Revenue with Confidence - Prevent billing errors that lead to delays in claim submission - Reduce turnaround time with round the clock support

Technology that Transforms your KPIs

Benefit from powerful and actionable insights - Understand your data against industry- standard KPIs - Manage your healthcare business better with a thorough analysis

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