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Laying the Foundation of a Robust Revenue Cycle with Software Solution

Unify Medicraft takes you to the next level by introducing a new and better method of medical billing – “A Software Solution”.  

We are an innovative, unified cloud-based RCM software that caters to all healthcare facilities. Our software is designed to provide seamless revenue cycle management to healthcare practices of all sizes.  Partnering at every step of medical billing, we play a crucial role in assuring a smooth operational flow that leads to adequate reimbursement.  

Working with medical professionals has laid the strong foundation for Unify Medicraft and it is reflected in our result-oriented approach.  

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Medicraft – The Intuitive, Intelligent, And Integrated Software That Shapes The Future Of Healthcare Facilities

Automated Reporting


Patient EMR

Electronic patient benefit

A complete virtual office

Integrated dashboard

Save time & money


E-Fax and e-Pay

Inventory management

Better patient communication

Payment Reminders

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Acquire Proficiency to Optimize Management and Experience Billing Progress

Unify Medicraft is an expert at eliminating your administrative burden with its medical billing software solutions. We promise improvement in RCM with effortless integration, automated billing processes, proper tracking, and timely reporting. Our approach is dedicated to adaptability and authenticity; so that your healthcare practice expands financially.

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